10 Things I Learned from Nora Roberts: My #RWA Experience

Earlier this month I attended the RWA Nationals in San Diego. The three week trip covered much more than the RWA conference and San Diego, but I’ll get to that later. For now I want to share some of my amazing experiences at RWA. Because I fan girled. HARD. One of the wonderful things about … More 10 Things I Learned from Nora Roberts: My #RWA Experience

Origin of the Species #paranormal #urbanfantasy

The species being…vampire hunters. You’ve read the series, now read the story that started it all… Morgan Bailey is living in London, minding her own business, when she’s attacked by a vampire. Suddenly she finds herself thrust into the world of the supernatural, and she isn’t happy about it. When the mysterious Kabita Jones insists … More Origin of the Species #paranormal #urbanfantasy

What To Read Next: Sunwalker Saga and Beyond #paranormalromance #urbanfantasy

Readers frequently ask me “What should I read next?” This is usually right after they’ve finished the six books of the Sunwalker Saga. They’re mourning the end of Morgan’s story and desperately wanting more. I get it. I wrote the series and although that particular story arch was finished, I just couldn’t give up the world and the characters. So, yes, I wrote more… … More What To Read Next: Sunwalker Saga and Beyond #paranormalromance #urbanfantasy

Want More #SunwalkerSaga? #paranormal #romance #urbanfantasy

Deathwalker, the latest installment of the Sunwalker Saga: Witchblood series, is here! Deathwalker (Book Two) She Speaks to the Dead Lene Davenport is unique in the magical community. She’s a Deathwalker: a witch who can sense death and speak to the deceased. It’s not fun having ghosts show up in your bedroom, so Lene does … More Want More #SunwalkerSaga? #paranormal #romance #urbanfantasy

Ride the Dragon: Intro Box Set #paranormal #science fiction

  Want to try out the first book in four of my series for a discount? Check out Ride the Dragon, the paranormal/scifi intro box set. It’s cheaper than buying each book individually and it will give you a taste of some of my worlds. NOTE: These are not new stories, but previously published books packaged … More Ride the Dragon: Intro Box Set #paranormal #science fiction