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Kissing Mr. Darcy Like half the women in the known universe, Emma Roberts is in love with Mr. Darcy. When the opportunity to live in London presents itself, she jumps at the chance determined to find her own Mr. Darcy. Alas, the road to true love isn’t quite as smooth as one might hope. Nik… More Kissing Mr. Darcy Available NOW! Get it on #iBooks #Amazon and #Kobo #contemporaryromance #romcom

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Get the hotly anticipated Angel’s Fall NOW: iBooks Kobo Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon CA Amazon AU Here’s what readers are saying: “Angel’s Fall has everything you love and crave about paranormal romance: addicting swoon, edge-of-your-seat angst, and a leading guy who leaves you breathless. This story left me DESPERATE for more and impatiently waiting… More Angel’s Fall Available NOW! #paranormal #romance #swoon

#PassionInPortland Author Spotlight: #ParanormalRomance & #ContemporaryRomance Author Shea MacLeod

I figured it was only fair I answer my own questions, since everyone else had to. So, just in time for Passion In Portland tomorrow, I present you our final author: Me! What sparked the idea for your latest novel? Was there a specific “Ah—ha!” moment? My most recently published work is the second book in… More #PassionInPortland Author Spotlight: #ParanormalRomance & #ContemporaryRomance Author Shea MacLeod

What’s Up With This #Angel Thing? #romance #amwriting

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been posting a lot of teasers for something called Angel’s Fall. You might have even asked yourself, “What is this Angel’s Fall thing?” Ask no more. I’ve got answers! About a month ago, an author friend of mine (Belinda Boring. Go check her out.) who… More What’s Up With This #Angel Thing? #romance #amwriting

#PassionInPortland Author Spotlight: #ParanormalRomance Author Gretchen S.B.

Wow! I can’t believe how many AMAZING authors I’ve gotten to interview so far. I can’t wait to meet all of them at Passion In Portland on September 12th! Next up is paranormal AND contemporary romance author, Gretchen S. B. What sparked the idea for your latest novel? Was there a specific “Ah—ha!” moment? I… More #PassionInPortland Author Spotlight: #ParanormalRomance Author Gretchen S.B.

#PassionInPortland Author Spotlight: #ContemporaryRomance Author Ava O’Shay

The next author on our Passion in Portland tour is Ava O’Shay. Ava writes what she refers to as “Upper YA Contemporary Romance.” You can get a copy of her book, Serenity, for just 99cents! (More about the book below!) Here’s my interview with Ava: What sparked the idea for your latest novel? Was there a… More #PassionInPortland Author Spotlight: #ContemporaryRomance Author Ava O’Shay

#PassionInPortland Author Spotlight: #ContemporaryRomance Author Mariah Dietz

  Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Another new author on ye olde blog today. Well, new to me. Can’t wait to meet her at Passion in Portland.  I sat her down (virtually, of course) and asked her some deep questions about all things romance. Because I’m nosy like that.… More #PassionInPortland Author Spotlight: #ContemporaryRomance Author Mariah Dietz

#PassionInPortland Author Spotlight: #ParanormalRomance Author Sarah Cradit

Continuing on with the Passion in Portland attending author theme, I’d like to introduce you all to the amazing Sarah Cradit. Not only is Sarah a USA Bestseller and a fellow Oregonian, she’s also a total history geek, like me! I love that and I can’t wait to meet her! What sparked the idea for your… More #PassionInPortland Author Spotlight: #ParanormalRomance Author Sarah Cradit