Next Chapter, Please!

Maybe it’s a little cliche to say I’m “starting the next chapter” of my life, but that’s exactly what I’m doing. Moving from London back to my hometown of Portland, Oregon has been a pretty big adjustment for me. It’s also been a welcome change of pace. The downside is my allergies have gone nuts. … More Next Chapter, Please!

Coming to America

After a nearly six year sojourn in a foreign land, I’m finally settled back in my hometown. It feels wonderful to finally have my own space again. Not to mention a separate work space. It makes me feel all inspired and stuff!

Morgan Visits Paris

Earlier this month I hopped on the Eurostar and spent a few days roaming the streets of Paris. All in the name of “research” naturally. The things I do for you … The truth is that in the fourth book of the Sunwalker Saga (Yet to be written, so don’t get too excited.) Morgan will … More Morgan Visits Paris

FREE today: The Celtic Collection

Today, The Celtic Collection by the Eclective is FREE on Amazon.  WOOHOO! Why am I excited about this? Because my Sunwalker Short – Irish Kiss – is part of the collection. So, for those of you who need a dose of Morgan, this one’s for you. Now I’m off to London to buy a fat … More FREE today: The Celtic Collection

Le Grande Announcement

I’m back from my wild adventure on the Welsh coast.  Tenby may never be the same and neither will I. Beautiful beaches, friendly people, delicious food, and the best coffee EVER.  (Seriously, if you ever visit Tenby, Wales check out Caffe Vista.  The coffee will make you drool with joy.  Trust me.)  What more can … More Le Grande Announcement

Fantastical Friday: The Celtic Collection, Giveaways, and the Fabulousness of Equality

I’m super excited to announce that The Eclective’s The Celtic Collection has arrived!  Best of all it involves a short story (Okay, a long short story) about our intrepid vampire hunter’s latest exploits. That’s right, Morgan Bailey is on the hunt for a missing pot of gold.  And come hell or high water she will get her … More Fantastical Friday: The Celtic Collection, Giveaways, and the Fabulousness of Equality

Mythos Monday: Grimm

Last night I finally saw the first episode of Grimm.  I have no idea how long it’s been out in the States.  Heck, with my luck it’s probably had three seasons and been cancelled already (Okay, I exaggerate.  It premiered back in October). But goodness, I hope not.  ‘Cause frankly, it tickled my yummy spot. … More Mythos Monday: Grimm