Mega #Research Trip: Day 4 – Rambles in #HydePark, #Mayfair, and #NottingHill

I totally lucked out on this Mega Research Trip of 2015. My friend and fellow author, Emma Jameson, was also in London doing some research of her own (She’s got two AMAZING cozy mystery series. I can’t recommend them enough). We were able to hang out and combine our research adventures. First stop: Hyde Park. One … More Mega #Research Trip: Day 4 – Rambles in #HydePark, #Mayfair, and #NottingHill

Morgan Visits Paris

Earlier this month I hopped on the Eurostar and spent a few days roaming the streets of Paris. All in the name of “research” naturally. The things I do for you … The truth is that in the fourth book of the Sunwalker Saga (Yet to be written, so don’t get too excited.) Morgan will … More Morgan Visits Paris

Mythos Monday: Grimm

It’s been awhile since I did a Mythos Monday post. Mostly because I’ve been not just up to my eyeballs, but over my head with edits. Fortunately, though, edits for Kissed by Darkness are done and turned in, ready for Montlake Romance to republish. I didn’t think this book could get any better, but I really think it … More Mythos Monday: Grimm

Le Grande Announcement

I’m back from my wild adventure on the Welsh coast.  Tenby may never be the same and neither will I. Beautiful beaches, friendly people, delicious food, and the best coffee EVER.  (Seriously, if you ever visit Tenby, Wales check out Caffe Vista.  The coffee will make you drool with joy.  Trust me.)  What more can … More Le Grande Announcement

Writer Wednesday: Jon Bon Jovi is ALIVE! (And so is Kissed by Smoke)

Imagine my horror when one of my all-time favorite singers died yesterday.  I almost had a melt down. Fortunately Google is my friend and Jon Bon Jovi was really in New Jersey.  Not heaven.  Though I can totally see how you might confuse the two.  Heh. The only thing I gotta say is watch him … More Writer Wednesday: Jon Bon Jovi is ALIVE! (And so is Kissed by Smoke)