Let There Be #Dragons! The New #DragonWars Is Here. Plus a Dragon Wars FAQ! #romance #apocalpyse

At long last the fifth installation of Dragon Wars is finally here! I kow you’ve all been waiting patiently to see what happens to Rain and company. Not to mention the delicious Lt. Micah Caine. 😉 In Dragon Corps we finally get some of the answers you’ve all been waiting for! Stop Evil. Save the future. … More Let There Be #Dragons! The New #DragonWars Is Here. Plus a Dragon Wars FAQ! #romance #apocalpyse

Ride the Dragon: Intro Box Set #paranormal #science fiction

  Want to try out the first book in four of my series for a discount? Check out Ride the Dragon, the paranormal/scifi intro box set. It’s cheaper than buying each book individually and it will give you a taste of some of my worlds. NOTE: These are not new stories, but previously published books packaged … More Ride the Dragon: Intro Box Set #paranormal #science fiction

Free The Dragons!!!

Happy Friday everyone! And just because it’s Friday and you all are super awesome, I’m making the ebook of Dragon Warrior (the first Dragon Wars book) absolutely FREE on Amazon! It’s just for today and tomorrow (7/13/12 and 7/14/12) so pick up your copy right away. A man without a past. A woman without a … More Free The Dragons!!!

Next Chapter, Please!

Maybe it’s a little cliche to say I’m “starting the next chapter” of my life, but that’s exactly what I’m doing. Moving from London back to my hometown of Portland, Oregon has been a pretty big adjustment for me. It’s also been a welcome change of pace. The downside is my allergies have gone nuts. … More Next Chapter, Please!