The Stiff in the Study #Audiobook is Here! #CozyMystery

Huzzah! The Stiff in the Study (Viola Roberts Cozy Mysteries – Book 2) is finally in audiobook form! Now you can get the first three Viola Roberts Cozy Mysteries in audiobook form. Just in time for road trips, lazy days on the beach, or insufferable commutes (trust me, Viola will increase your commute fun by 1000%). … More The Stiff in the Study #Audiobook is Here! #CozyMystery

Ten Things…

I’m all aflutter! In celebration of the upcoming audiobook release of The Stiff in the Study, my lovely narrator, Yvette Keller, has written a post about the top ten things she loves about Viola Roberts. And I love it! You can read the full post HERE. As to the release date itself, we’re waiting on … More Ten Things…

What To Watch Next: British Murder Mystery

Recently I discovered a fantastic new (to me) whodunnit, Father Brown!  Set in a small English village in the Cotswolds in the 1950s, a Catholic priest armed with nothing but an umbrella tools around on his bicycle solving murders. It’s delightful! Fans of Grantchester, Poirot, Miss Marple, Agatha Raisin, etc. will love Father Brown. I … More What To Watch Next: British Murder Mystery

#WhatToReadNext: Obsessed With #Cozies

I’m super obsessed with cozy mysteries lately. Especially historical cozies. (I’ve been reading a LOT of them for research.) But I’m super picky about my cozies. Even though they’re historically set, I still want them to be fast-paced, funny, and from the viewpoint of a somewhat modern-thinking woman. And naturally, I like a fun setting, … More #WhatToReadNext: Obsessed With #Cozies