Still Alive…I Think

I realize I haven’t posted in ages. Bad me. I’ve been swamped lately. Writing books. Editing for clients. ComicCon. The Con Crud (yes, it’s a thing). Tendonitis. Life.

But as spring unfurls around us, I feel myself yearning to both to get back to basics, as well as to start afresh. Try new things. Explore the world around me.

The sun beckons outside my office window, but I’m still recovering from Con Crud, that pernicious beast. Although, perhaps, I may wad some Kleenex in my pocket and amble out anyway, at least for awhile.

And while I’ve been unable to write thanks to illness, my brain has, nonetheless, been percolating away. It does that. Drives me crazy sometimes. But this time, it’s been plotting. And you, my friends, will be the eventual beneficiaries.

As you know, I published Lady Rample Steps Out late last year. The first in the Lady Rample Mystery series set in 1930s London, it was both difficult to write (loads of research) and a lot of fun! I love Ophelia in a way I’ve never enjoyed any other character. And she’s going to be around for awhile…

As soon as the Plague passes, I’ll be hard at work on rewrites for the second novel, Lady Rample Spies a Clue. If you love mysteries set in British manor houses, you’re going to love this one! (Sign up to be notified of new releases!)

But back to percolation…

It’s the third Lady Rample book that has been on my mind. It hasn’t got a title yet, but it’s certainly well in its planning stages. Even feeling like death warmed over, my mind couldn’t stop imaging the grand adventure that Lady R and her Aunt Butty will have next. Hollywood, here they come…

LadyR NL Release

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