What to Read Next: Lighthearted Contemporary Romance

Sometimes you just want to get away from it all. Lose yourself in a good book. Something fun. Something lighthearted. Something with plenty of romance. Here are a few of my favorite contemporary romances (aka Romantic Comedies):

bird after bird
Bird After Bird
– Leslie Tash

I read this charming tale shortly after watching The Big Year, which gave me a peek into the world of birding. Tash’s novel is charming, moving, emotional, while at the same time an easy read. It’s a novel about love, hope, and finding yourself.


Ex on the BeachEx On The Beach – Kim Law

Don’t you just love the title? And the cover makes me want to jump in a hammock and read for the next, oh, two days. This is, frankly, the perfect beach read. A wedding planner whose unlucky in love. A sexy ex who wants to reignite old flames. Sexy and romantic!


Crazy Little Thing

Crazy Little Thing – Tracy Brogan

I’m crazy about Crazy Little Thing! While recovering from a broken heart, our intrepid heroine finds herself thrust into the shenanigans of the unique denizens of small town Bell Harbor. From her eccentric aunt to her flamboyant interior decorator cousin, she won’t get a moment’s peace. Not to mention that sexy and totally inappropriate love interest…

Kissing Frogs – Shéa MacLeod

It’s only fair I toot my own horn for a moment. Kissing Frogs is based on a true story. More or less. Every hilariously awful dating story Kate has is one I actually went on (Names changed to protect the guilty). I love this book so hard! And I think you will, too.

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