What To Read Next: It’s The End Of The World…

…as we know it and I feel like reading!passage

I’ve always loved post-apocalyptic fiction. For years, Stephen King’s The Stand was the benchmark against which all other post-apoc fic was measured. The Passage by Justin Cronin only improve upon that. Beautiful. Lyrical. And sort of horrifying at the same time. But there was one small thing these novels were lacking…romance!

And so began my long hunt for romances that also took place in the apocalyptic landscape of the future. Whether it was a zombie outbreak, or a world decimated by magic, I figured that even during the end of the world, people would still fall in love.

And that led me to…Night Joss Ware

Beyond the Night by Colleen Gleason (The series was formerly written under her pen name of Joss Ware) is the first book in The Heroes of New Vegas. Some sort of weird event knocks out five guys in 2010. They wake up 50 years later to find that not only have they not aged a day, but they now have cool superpowers. AND there are zombies. And other immortals. The series is just plain cool.



Next I discovered Nightfall by Ellen Connor (Ann Aguirre and Carrie Lofty). I was excited because the book is set in my neck of the woods: The Pacific Northwest. In fact, it was set in the town my mother grew up in (Granted, they got some details very, very wrong, but what you gonna do?). There’s a power grid collapse. Mutant nature. And, of course, romance. It was just a downright fun read.

tsunami blue

Another long-time favorite is Tusnami Blue by Gayle Ann Williams. Again, set in the Pacific Northwest. This time, rising oceans and devastating tsunamis have obliterated nearly all the land. The humans that remain live on boats or small islands. Oh, and there are pirates. Alas, the book is currently out of print (although the author’s website says it will be returning soon), but you can still buy used copies.

My love of apocalyptic fiction (with romance) led to me finally writing my own series, Dragon Wars. Because what’s better than an apocalypse? And apocalypse with dragons, of course!


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