What To Read Next: Heroes With Wings

I’m a little obsessed with heroes who can fly. I blame Superman. After all, I was very young and impressionable when Christopher Reeves took the cape. And dayam, but that man was handsome. Of course, even better are the heroes who come equipped with WINGS.guild hunter

If you’re a PNR (paranormal romance) fan, no doubt you’ve already heard of Nalini Singh. Her Guild Hunter series is downright EPIC! Angels, vampires, and badassery, oh my! Plus the sexual tension between the archangel Raphael and the hunter Elena is…phew!

Ms. Singh has a few really good series out, but this one is by far my favorite. Also, small fangirl moment, but I got to meet her at the RWA conference in San Diego last summer. EEK!

Nalini and me


Lo these many moons ago, I read a book that has haunted me since. Sharon Shinn’s Archangelarchangel

“From national bestselling author Sharon Shinn comes a stunningly beautiful novel of a distant future—where the fate of the world rests on the voice of an angel…”

No doubt you can see what drew me to it. Technically, it’s more SFR than PNR, being set on another planet and involving technology, but the gorgeous winged angels are none the less sexy as heck. And the romance between Rachel and Gabriel…well, like I said, it haunts me to this day. I’m beyond thrilled to find the series available now in ebook so I can give it a reread.

Which takes me to my own personal foray into the world of winged heroes. (Okay, okay I’ve written some dragons, but THIS is an ANGEL!) Written on a dare, Angel’s Fall is by far my sexiest, swooniest work yet.

Angel’s Fall has everything you love and crave about paranormal romance: addicting swoon, edge-of-your-seat angst, and a leading guy who leaves you breathless. This story left me DESPERATE for more and impatiently waiting for that telltale whisper that Raphael was close. I’m still waiting . . . should I challenge you again, Ms. MacLeod? WELL DONE! You put the WOO into SWOON!” – Belinda Boring, Author of Mystic Wolves

AF blog post

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