WhatToReadNext: Hot & Spicy Romance

Some days you just need a good, hot read. Something with lots of romance, but also LOTS of sexy times. Well, I’ve got a few suggestions for your ereader…

Full disclosure: I’m one of Tara West’s critique synm
partners and my latest critique for her was the super sexy Say You Need Me. If you like contemporary romance with heat, this book’s for you. Technically, it’s the 7th in the series and the 3rd in the arch of the delicious Cesar Cruz, so you might want to check out the rest of the series first.

I need Cesar Cruz. God, how I need him. He says he needs me, too, even after we’re caught up in an emotional whirlwind—faced with an unexpected pregnancy, Cesar’s jealous ex-lover, and his pushy family.

When nightmares from my past resurface, I need Cesar’s strength and courage more than ever, but will it be enough to keep that vortex from swallowing us whole?


Prefer your romance on the darker side? And by darker, I mean paranormal. Preternatural creatures up the wazoo! RAWR! I love how Gina Fluharty describes her novel, Banshee’s Bite , as “sex and violence.”

Officer Gigi O’Shea is a good cop but a terrible banshee. A brush with death awakened unknown powers and forced her into a world of preternatural creatures that would send a sane cop screaming. Being a banshee conflicts with her cop nature. If she sings someone to death, how is that not murder? And the hottest man she’s ever wanted underneath her is threatening to kill her if she doesn’t get her shit together. Sex and death threats—who knew that would be so exciting? Murdok abhors what Gigi is. Banshees are weak and stupid, and Gigi is out of control. As Cleaner, it’s his job to make sure she doesn’t blow their collective cover to humans. Unfortunately, he can’t just kill her. First he’ll have to attempt to train her. But he’s an executioner, not a professor—not when the voices of the dead he carries threaten his control at every turn. Even worse, he wants Gigi more than he’s wanted any woman in centuries. But so do his dead.

There’s more than Gigi’s life at stake. As a banshee, only she can save the ghosts and Portland, and if she doesn’t find the strength to trust her new self, everyone dies.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00012]And while you’re at it, have you read Angel’s Fall? It’s probably the hottest thing I’ve ever written. Angels? Check. Swoony romantic moments? Check. Super sexy times? Check!

“Angel’s Fall has everything you love and crave about paranormal romance: addicting swoon, edge-of-your-seat angst, and a leading guy who leaves you breathless. This story left me DESPERATE for more and impatiently waiting for that telltale whisper that Raphael was close. I’m still waiting . . . should I challenge you again, Ms. MacLeod? WELL DONE! You put the WOO into SWOON!” – Belinda Boring, Author of Mystic Wolves

“The moment our eyes locked something passed between us. Something far deeper than anything I’d ever known. It was as if she marked me. Made me hers. Forever.”

As a guardian angel, Raphael has one duty: Protect his charge. Anything more is forbidden and love holds the direst consequences of all. But the day he meets his new assignment, Sarah, he finds himself willing to risk everything for just one touch.

“You saved me,” I whispered. “Thank you.”
A look I couldn’t describe crossed his face. “Always.”

After escaping from an abusive relationship, Sarah is barely holding on. Then she begins to hear the voice, feel the touch, of a man who isn’t there. A man who, for a short time, makes her forget her pain. Maybe losing her sanity isn’t so bad after all.

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