#MysteryMonday: New Release!

At last! The sixth installment of Viola’s adventures is here. This time our intrepid heroine is tromping across England sans her trusty sidekick. Fortunately, she’s got boyfriend, Lucas, in tow. That’s almost as good, right? 😉

remains-in-the-rectory02_200x300While touring the Cotswolds of England, Viola Roberts and her boyfriend, Lucas Salvatore, get stranded by a downpour of epic proportions. The quaint village of Chipping Poggs has only one inn, and just their luck, it’s a haunted mansion. Viola tries to make the best of her rainy vacation by “ghost hunting” and poking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Until she pokes it right into the middle of a murder.

With the village cut off by flooding from the violent storm, Viola naturally starts sleuthing. But when a second guest is found dead, and then a third body shows up, Viola’s own ghosts might be telling her it’s time to turn in her gumshoes.

Get the ebook NOW on Amazon, Amazon UK, Kobo, and iBooks.

Coming soon to Nook.

Also available at your country’s Amazon retailer.


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