#WhatToReadNext: Obsessed With #Cozies

I’m super obsessed with cozy mysteries lately. Especially historical cozies. (I’ve been reading a LOT of them for research.) But I’m super picky about my cozies. Even though they’re historically set, I still want them to be fast-paced, funny, and from the viewpoint of a somewhat modern-thinking woman. And naturally, I like a fun setting, interesting and quirky secondary characters, and just that…feel. That feel that your there, in that time and place, having the time of your life.
Come Hell or Highball: A Mystery (Discreet Retrieval Agency Mysteries) by [Chance, Maia]One of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE series now is the Discrete Retrieval Agency Series by Maia Chance. I stumbled across the first book, Come Hell or Highball, quite by accident andI couldn’t put it down. It’s 1922 and 31-year-old, highball drinking New York society matron (and new widow) Lola, along with her Swedish cook, Berta, is hot on the trail of a killer. If the killer doesn’t get her first.

A Lack of Temperance (A Hattie Davish Mystery) by [Loan-Wilsey, Anna]A little time travel brings me to the early 1890s and person secretary, Hattie Davish. She arrives in a small (and uber charming) Ozark town only to find her new employer has disappeared. Cryptic threats, a handsome doctor, and hatchet-wielding woman lead Hattie on the adventure of a lifetime. You can grab A Lack of Temperance HERE.

Her Royal Spyness (The Royal Spyness Series Book 1) by [Bowen, Rhys]Finally, Her Royal Spyness has been on my To Be Read list for ages. I finally took the time to sit down with a copy and I’m in love! It’s London, 1932, and Lady Georgiana is 34th in line to the throne. Except she’s also stone-cold broke and her interfering relatives insist on trying to marry her off to a Romanian prince with fish lips. So, Georgie heads to London to make her own way in the world, where she promptly finds a dead Frenchman in her bathtub, gets a request from the Queen to spy on the Prince of Wales, and gets shoved off a boat and nearly drowned.

2 thoughts on “#WhatToReadNext: Obsessed With #Cozies

  1. Fantastic article. They’re all on my TBR list now. (Well, Her Royal Spyness has been on there for some time.) I can’t reblog this (my website is still being redesigned) but I’ll share it on my FB page.

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