5 Facts About Kitchen Witches

I’m currently deep in rewrites on the next installment of Sunwalker Saga: WitchbloodMistwalker is coming along nicely and I admit the research has been quite fun. I’ve had to dive into the workings of spellcraft, astral projection, and potions. I do love a good potion!

spicesI’m especially interested in potions anyone can create in their own home. Simple magic created from household spices and herbs. Which, naturally, let me to kitchen witchery. So, I thought I’d share a few things I learned about kitchen witches. In no particular order:

  1. Kitchen witches (also called Cottage witches and Hearth witches) practice what is considered “practical” magic.
  2. They tend to be healers and are usually in their 40s or above.
  3. They work with natural elements such as flowers, stones, and trees.
  4. They do their greatest magic in the kitchen (hence the name), and have a talent for food crafting.
  5. They have a natural instinct for protection of the home and loved ones.Spellwalker03_200x300

Do you practice kitchen magic? Or know anyone who does? What’s your favorite ingredient to work with?

(Psst! The first book in the series, Spellwalker, is available for just 99 cents TODAY only!)

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