The Myth Behind The Talisman Killer

talisman-killer-the-shea-macleod-miranda-mayerWorking on The Talisman Killer with a co-author was a unique experience for me. In fact, it was a lot more fun than I imagined it would be. Of course, it helps that my co-author, Miranda Mayer, is my real life friend. So, where did the idea for Wolffe & Bane come from?

It’s a silly little story, really. We were scheduled to sign at a local ComicCon and we were listed as “MacLeod & Mayer.” We joked about how that sounded like a detective agency. And from that random comment sprang two badass women with their own detective agency: Wolffe & Bane.

Naturally, because Miranda is a fantasy author and I am known for my paranormals, Wolffe & Bane couldn’t be ordinary detectives. They had to be investigators of the supernatural. And thus the legend of the Rift was born. That terrible accident that tore open the space between our world and another dimension. A Rift that allowed the monsters to get through…

But what monster? Well, the idea was that many of the myths and legends in our world were based on REAL entities from beyond the Rift. And, being Pacific Northwest girls, what other mythology would we choose but something from our neck of the woods! During our research we stumbled across the ShikLa (CikLa), the Transformer. A powerful entity whose goal was to bring balance to our world. Sounds great, right?

Well, not everything is as it seems in the world of Wolffe & Bane…

Available NOW on Amazon and Kobo.

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