Six Facts About Vampire Hunters

Kissed by Destiny_200x300
Available June 2016


On Ye Olde Blogge today, I have a very special post. In honor of the upcoming Kissed by Destiny (Sunwalker Saga – Book 8 – Available June 2016), our resident vampire hunter, Morgan Bailey, has agreed to share some deep, dark secrets about being a vampire hunter.

Morgan Bailey’s Six Facts About Hunting:

  1. Vampire Hunting is a pain in the ass. You’ll always get that call at the most inconvenient time. Like when your having some sexy time with a hot half-dragon.
  2. Donuts are brain food. Don’t believe me? I don’t care. They are. I like the Elvis donut from Voodoo, but cake donuts are my favorite.

  3. Garlic won’t kill or deter vampires. They’re not pizza. Unless they were allergic to garlic in life, it sure ain’t gonna bother them in undeath.
  4. Holy Water doesn’t work, either. Total Hollywood fantasy. Because hosing down people with cold water is all fun and games until someone loses a carotid artery.
  5. Vampires don’t sparkle and they’re not sexy. Trust me on this one.

    NOTHING like this. Nope. Stop. THEY DON’T LOOK LIKE THIS!
  6. The only good vampire is a dead one. Or un-undead one. Or…just dust the thing already.

Thanks, Morgan. Good things to keep in mind should any of us ever decide to take up vampire hunting.

If you’d rather read about vampire hunting, check out Morgan’s adventures in the Sunwalker Saga. You can find a complete list of titles HERE.

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