Sunwalker Saga Reading Order

Did you know there are now SEVEN books out in my bestselling paranormal series, Sunwalker Saga? Well, technically, there are eleven (including spin-offs), but who’s counting? 😉

Kissed by Blood_mockup01I get a lot of questions about what order they should be read in and how much overlap there is between series. Well, I am here to answer all those questions!

You can find ALL my books and series along with links to purchase on my books page. They’re all in order of when they were written. But here is the “chronological” order of the books out now:

Kissed by Blood (Sunwalker Saga 7/Prequel) – This brand new book takes you back to the night Morgan became a vampire hunter.

Kissed by Darkness (Sunwalker Saga 1)

Kissed by Fire (Sunwalker Saga 2)

Kissed by Smoke (Sunwalker Saga 3)

Fearless (Sunwalker Saga: Soulshifter Trilogy 1)

Haunted (Sunwalker Saga: Soulshifter Trilogy 2)

Soulshifter (Sunwalker Saga: Soulshifter Trilogy 3) – Technically takes place at the same time as Kissed by Moonlight.

Kissed by Moonlight (Sunwalker Saga 4)

Kissed by Ice (Sunwalker Saga 5)

Kissed by Eternity (Sunwalker Saga 6)

Spellwalker (Sunwalker Saga: Witchblood 1)

Deathwalker (Sunwalker Saga: Witchblood 2)

And coming this year:

Kissed by Destiny (Sunwalker Saga Book 8)

Mistwalker (Sunwalker Saga: Witchblood Book 3)

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