Ellis Peters: The Cadfael Chronicles

Another great installment on favorite cozies from one of my favorite authors, Emma Jameson.

Cape May Cozy Capers

Cadfael Rose Rent cover

If you enjoy cozies with a dose of historical accuracy, look no further than Ellis Peters’s splendid Brother Cadfael mysteries. Wise, worldly Brother Cadfael (a soldier and a sailor before he entered religious life around age forty) uses his keen intellect, understanding of human nature, and warm heart to solve crimes in and around the Benedictine Abbey of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.His adventures take place in the twelfth century, when King Stephen and Empress Maud vied for control of England, and religious traditions were often the primary unifying force.

Ellis Peters is the nom de plume of Edith Pargeter, a self-taught historian from Shropshire, England. During World War II, she joined the Women’s Royal Navy Service (“Wrens”) and earned a British Empire Medal. Over the course of her career, she wrote many books, but the Cadfael Chronicles are the best-loved. They were also adapted into a highly acclaimed…

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