#PassionInPortland Author Spotlight: #ParanormalRomance Author Gretchen S.B.

Wow! I can’t believe how many AMAZING authors I’ve gotten to interview so far. I can’t wait to meet all of them at Passion In Portland on September 12th!

Next up is paranormal AND contemporary romance author, Gretchen S. B.

What sparked the idea for your latest novel? Was there a specific “Ah—ha!” moment?

I was working on the first book in the series and realized there should be more books about other characters. Once that thought crossed my mind it was followed by ‘I want to tell Viking’s story next.’

 Tell us about your hero and heroine? What makes them and their story unique?

What makes these to special is he belongs to the Night World, which is explored in the first book of the series. While Mia is just a regular gal. So when she is introduced to the Night World and all the characters in it we see people from the first book in a new light.

 Why do you write Romance? Why your specific sub-genre of romance?

I love writing in general. I write several sub-genres: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, and I am hoping to have m first contemporary Romance out in the next few months. I just like telling stories, any story that strikes my fancy. I mainly enjoy creating my own world, which is why I write mostly paranormal and urban.

 What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you at a signing?

Passion in Portland is my first true signing event. I have had a table and Emerald City Comicon and had an author event at Third Place Books. But out of those the funniest thing would be when we got to the questions and answer period at third place books and one of the attendees told me I was so entertaining and she wanted to see me have my own sitcom. 🙂 I am still not sure what to make of that.

 Now for the Lightening Round! Answer these fast and quick (ala the Hot Seat questions on Inside the Actor’s Studio)

 Chocolate or vanilla?

Chocolate, unless it is coffee.

 Where do you write?


 Favorite romance novel plot device?

Surprise baby! I am a sucker for the one night stand reunites years later and there is a baby he didn’t know about. It is a goal of mine to someday write one.

 What trait in a man do you find most sexy?

A smirk, yes I know it is cliche!

 Least sexy?

Being condescending. Something about it makes me want to be violent.

 Your book is going to be made into a movie! Who plays the lead roles?

I don’t know! Ah, the pressure. I have no idea. I am drawing a complete blank.

VikingSensitivity_GSB_500X700Blurb for Viking Sensitivity:

Viking was not sure what to do with himself with Gwen in Montana. That is until his path crosses with Mia’s. She is a beautiful sensitive who is being haunted by a strange being Viking has never heard of.

Mia Jones might not have an exciting life as the owner of an independent book store, but she is okay with that. Then she meets Viking and it is as if her life goes tumbling down a rabbit hole.

Mia and Viking must pull together to fight off the being that is haunting her. As Mia adjust to the Night World it appears this being might not be working along

You can get the first book in the series HERE.

GretchenAuthor Bio:

Gretchen is a Seattleite that loves her home. She has a day job as a Program Coordinator a local university. She is a struggling Indie Author, struggling as in she is trying to make her living writing books. She loves to read, write and create characters. As well as knit and binge watch Netflix. She is also on a sporadic book blog and internet radio show with some of her college friends. She currently lives with her husband and their mischievous Rotti mix, who always seems to find something new she shouldn’t be chewing on.

Find Gretchen on her website.


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