#PassionInPortland Author Spotlight: #ContemporaryRomance Author Ava O’Shay

avaoshayThe next author on our Passion in Portland tour is Ava O’Shay. Ava writes what she refers to as “Upper YA Contemporary Romance.” You can get a copy of her book, Serenity, for just 99cents! (More about the book below!)

Here’s my interview with Ava:

What sparked the idea for your latest novel? Was there a specific “Ah—ha!” moment?

The idea for the Serenity series was sparked by a little girl I had in one of my classes. Her story is similar and with the addition of other students I have had in the past, I was able to develop the story. As well as one of my characters suffered a concussion and I too was suffering the ill effects of one so had some first-hand experience to add to the story. 

serenity coverTell us about your hero and heroine? What makes them and their story unique?

The heroine of the story is named Serenity. Her and her twin brother Tranquillity, or Quill, have had a rough life. Now that they are seniors Serenity sees a chance for escape and to start over. However it isn’t so easy to leave your past behind. Serenity put herself in harms way throughout their childhood, thinking she was protecting Quill from abuse.  She is quick to protect others but often forgets to protect herself. Jolin is the high school golden boy until he has an accident on the football field. He begins the story pretty self centered and has a pretty big ego, but he isn’t happy. Through some tough love from his best friend he discovers what he really wants, and needs, to be happy. Of course the coming together of the two is a road riddled with bullying, blackmail, and heartache. I think their story is unique because their journey, although full of strong feelings, is not driven by lust or a deep romance. They understand they need to fix themselves before they can truly come together.

 Why do you write Romance? Why your specific sub-genre of romance?

I write romance because I love the those early feelings of being in love and when I write I get to feel that all over again.  My subgenres are broad. I write adult romance which edges on the erotica genre. I have written a young adult paranormal, but I really like to stick with the contemporary romance in New adult.


 What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you at a signing?

I think the funniest thing that has happened was when I was at my last signing in Portland. It was raining really hard and the area we were in had a lot of homeless people.  They kept coming to our booth and talking about books while taking all the swag and candy we had set out. It was funny. Not sure what they were going to do with ten keychains.

Now for the Lightening Round! Answer these fast and quick (ala the Hot Seat questions on Inside the Actor’s Studio)

 Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate all the way

 Where do you write? In my living room

 Favorite romance novel plot device?  I’d say dysfunctional families

 What trait in a man do you find most sexy?  Self confidence

 Least sexy? Arrogance

Your Book is going to be made into a Movie! Who plays the lead roles?

Jennifer Lawrence and Theo James.

Jennifer Lawrence 660 Reuters


You can find out more about Ava O’Shay and her books on her website and Facebook.


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