The Research Continues: #Burlesque, #Bookbinding, and #Badassery

With my epic European research trip well over, it was time to turn my attention to other research that needed doing. In my quest for a new, interesting vocation for one of my characters, I found myself at the Oregon Burlesque Festival of an evening.

While there I met up with the super awesome Lacy Knickers who gave me a run-down of all things burlesque. She packed a whole lot of info into the fifteen minutes before the show started. Secrets I may reveal in a novel one day… 😉

The entire review. I've added pixelation for the faint of heart.
The entire review. I’ve added pixelation for the faint of heart.
Lacy Knickers and yours truly.
Lacy Knickers and yours truly.







What I came away with was one word: Confidence. These women (and men) came in all shapes, sizes, and ages. There was cellulite, stretch marks, and wobble. And yet every single one of them BROUGHT IT! They were fierce, filled with self-confidence, and absolutely badass! I loved it!

In fact, watching them gave me just the inspiration I needed for a new character. Like them, she’s sexy, fierce, and badass. Definitely of the paranormal variety. I can’t wait to introduce her to you, bit for now she’s a secret. Shhhh….

I also attended my first SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) event. It was a bit of a bust, being poorly attended and with not nearly enough sword fighting to please me, but I did learn a thing or two!

For one, I took a bookbinding class. Granted books came into play a few hundred years AFTER my Roman persona was around, but what the heck, right? I found it fascinating, a little frustrating, and likely something I will include in a future novel. Likely something Regency. Because it’s kind of awesome. I may even go crazy and try my hand at making my own notebooks for plotting. But don’t hold your breath.

Yes, a Roman is binding a book. It could happen.









I also had the unique opportunity to hold a falcon! Oh, she was tiny and sweet.  I couldn’t believe I actually got to get that close to such an amazing creature! It may be that she appears in a novel, as well! Who knows? But I did learn some interesting tidbits about falconry that are now rumbling about in my brain.

SCA_Me and the falcon best









And that’s the beauty of life, isn’t it? Anything and everything can inspire you to indulge in creativity. And creativity, as they say, feeds the soul.

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