Epic #ParanormalRomance Research Trip: Paris (Pt 2) – Okay, Technically Versailles

The MASSIVE palace. No wonder the peasants got a bit peeved!

Although I’ve been to Paris a few times, this was my first trip to Versailles. And let me say, WOW! I don’t know which was more astonishing: the palace or the hordes of tourists.



Every room in the palace is pretty epic, but the throne room is particularly breathtaking. I swear it reminded me of the Sidhe King’s palace in the Sunwalker Saga! (Why does my brain always go to paranormal romance? Gee, can’t imagine!)

The Sidhe King’s palace. Er, I mean the throne room at Versailles.









The hallways have the most amazing vaulted ceilings of creamy stone. Again, reminiscent of the palace in the Other World. But I can also imagine it after dark with only flame to dimly light it. What lurks in the shadows at the Hunter passes by…?

Can you imagine Morgan getting attacked by the big man-boar thing? That axe could really take a chip out of the floor. (See, there I go again with the PNR!)

Even ordinary hallways are anything but…ordinary.









Even the furnishings glittered with magic. I think I must have a soft spot in my heart for the impossibly gaudy.


I want this writing desk! They won’t notice if I ‘borrow’ it, right?

And I totally need this chandelier in my bedroom. I’m sure it’ll fit.









The famous Hall of Mirrors was every bit as magical as they tell you it is. Except there are tourists. Lots and lots of tourists.

I swear you could hardly move for the crush. This must have been what it was like during a party! Only with better clothes.



Selfie time! This is my friend Lyn. You might recognize her from the video I did in Paris.














And there were an inordinate number of men in cravats. If you follow me on Facebook, you know how I feel about a man in a cravat! Alas they were not real men, so we had to leave them there.

And that, my friends, was the end of our adventure in Versailles!

More to come!


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