Epic Research Trip: #Paris Pt. 1 – Tasty Beverages, the #EiffelTower, #LoveLocks

After a brief sojourn back to London, my next stop on my Epic Research Trip was Paris. I’ve been there before. Twice. But neither trip was specifically with writing in mind (although I included quite a bit of the city in Kissed by Moonlight).

Paris with Lyn Day 1
On the Rue Cler with travel buddy and fellow Paris enthusiast, Lyn.

It was good to be back. Although the quirky little hotel in the 7th Arrondissement had us on the top (7th) floor with a broken elevator and the steepest stairs I’ve seen outside a ladder. Um, yeah. Bit of a challenge that, but we managed. Instead of coming and going, we left in the morning and didn’t come back until bed time. Instead we’d sit in front of a little cafe on Rue Cler, have our dinner and drinks, and people watch. How very Parisian of us!

No idea what building this is, but I love the architecture and the light.
If you don’t know what THIS is. I pity you. 😉






Our first day in Paris consisted of walking. And walking. And walking.

Since our hotel was so close to the Eiffel Tower, we started there before crossing the river and meandering along it to discover some very interesting art.

Escapee from Jurassic Park.
I guess butterflies like skulls? No idea.





Then we sauntered through a park that was wall-to-wall (grass-to-grass?) statues.  We passed a bridge flanked with golden pegasi before turning left toward the Luxor Obelisk and the former sight of the Bastille.

One of many.
Guardians of the gates.
The bridge.
Luxor Obelisk










We meandered up the Champs-Élysées and then wound our way back toward the river. We even got a chance to see the love locks before they were taken down for good.

Love Locks on the Pont des Arts.

Once across the bridge we headed back to Rue Cler and our little spot at the cafe where we indulged in the Parisian past-times mention above.

Paris Beverage Day one
A tasty, refreshing beverage.
The Cafe on Rue Cler Day One
The cafe on Rue Cler where we people-watched.






It was an exhausting and magical day.  So many ideas. So many great places to write into future books. I’ve got a few plots churning away in my head already…

Next up: Versailles!


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