Mega Research Trip: #Prague (Pt. 2)

My last full day in Prague was rather chilly and overcast. But there were still amazing sites to see and adventures to be had!

View of the cathedral at the palace.

We wandered into the more modern part of the city only to find this lovely trolley which had been turned into a restaurant. What to do but try it out? The food was pretty tasty, the ambiance perfect, and the heat lamps very much welcome.

This trolley is now a restaurant serving pasta.
So, of course, we had to stop for lunch.






I also found a bit of cravat porn, so that was cool. 😉

Yes, this is a real person!






The streets of Prague are just so…atmospheric. I can totally see a chase scene happening here. Explosions! Hail of bullets! Vampires!

The streets of Prague. Perfect for a chase scene.





A sobering and informative trip to the Jewish Cemetery.  There are 12,000 gravestones here, but more than 100,000 bodies! The stones date from 1439 to 1787.

Jewish Cemetery
Memorials at the Jewish Cemetery





And of course, plenty of gothic architecture to keep a person’s brain working overtime. Seriously, the city is so inspirational.

Randomly gothic buildings everywhere!





We did a ghost tour that night which was fascinating.  Granted, the tour guide was a total arrogant jerk, but at least he was also informative and somewhat entertaining. How’s that for a dichotomy? lol

Next up: We’re off to Paris!

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