Mega #Research Trip: Day 3 – Of #Architecture, #Mermen, and the #Beatles

I’ve fallen totally behind on posting pics of my European Adventure. Where were we? Oh, yes. Liverpool! (You can find pics of my first day in Liverpool HERE.)

The architecture is amazeballs. That’s all I can say. A lot of Victorian era buildings. Lots of fun wrought iron work and bas relief work and whatnot. I was snapping photos constantly!

My favorite is the one of the mermen. It makes me think I should include those in the Sunwalker Saga: Witchblood series. What do you think?

Love the Celtic knotwork.
Something so fun about these lamps. Makes me think of steampunk goodness!
And, of course, the British know how to build a gorgeous church building.











This World War II memorial plaque gave me all sorts of feels. I mostly took it to show my grandfather (who was a soldier during the war), but I thought some of you might find it interesting. Yeah, total history geek here. Will I work it into a book? Maybe so.

WWII memorial plaque.
WWII memorial plaque.





The Cavern Club was a great deal of fun. It will DEFINITELY be appearing in a book. For those who aren’t Beatles fans, this is the first place they played. Loads of other famous people have played there, too. I was there on St. Patrick’s Day of all things! The booze was flowing, the music was excellent, and the atmosphere was perfect for supernatural hijinx.

Me and some dude. LOL


Cavern Club








Liverpool is definitely on my list of favorite places in the UK. And it will definitely be the setting of a future novel. Or two. 😉

Next up: I’m back to London for shenanigans with my friend and fellow author, Emma Jameson.


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