#Paranormal Goodness in the #BigEasy!

 First annual author and reader convention Magnolias and Mausoleums to kick off summer 2015 in New Orleans.

 Over thirty best-selling paranormal authors and their avid readers will meet in New Orleans for a five-day convention in the heart of New Orleans July 22 through 26, 2015. Readers will be the focus during this mini-con set against the mystical backdrop of NOLA. In addition to author panels that cover everything from macabre urban legends, to dashing dukes, to hair (and toe) curling vampires and other things that go bump in the night, Magnolias and Mausoleums has several city centric events planned for the attendees including:

  • Opening night meet and greet, with refreshments and music; readers and authors alike will get a chance to mix and mingle
  • Two walking tours of your choice guided by the world renowned tour company, Haunted History
  • Opening night at Magnolias and Mausoleums Spooky Speakeasy
  • A charity gaming night will be in operation to benefit the local Habitat for Humanity
  • Along with many author sponsored events

L.M. Pruitt, co-founder and best-selling author of the Winged series said, “It’s going to be a one of a kind event that will not only bring readers up close and personal with their favorite authors, but it will give everyone a real chance to enjoy the magical city of the South, New Orleans.”

ATTENDING AUTHORS (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER): Paige Prince; Arial Burnz; Randi Alexander; CJ Anaya; Izzibella; Beau Becket; K.L. Bone; Elle Bright; Rachel Rawlings; Rochelle Callan Guzman; Maegan Provan; Jami Brumfield; Ginger Ring; Linda Rae Sande; W.L. Sexton; Alicia Sparks; Natasza Waters; Julie L. York; Tiffany Carmouche; L.M. Pruitt; Eryn Black; Sarah M. Cradit; Cadence Denton; Tricia Drammeh; Elise Hepner; Paula Knight; Lori Leger; Livia Quinn; Karen Sue Burns; Shéa MacLeod; Cat Miller; Mary Moriarty; Jenna Jacob; Debra Parmley; Michel Prince; Brandy L. Rivers

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Publicity Contact – Sara O’Connor (800) 621-5518 ext. 804, soconnor@gliterarygirlmedia.com


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