Ever Wanted To Be A Writer? Use This Code And Join In The Fun At Write On by Kindle!

Have you dreamed of being a writer? Maybe just for fun, or maybe as a career? Or do you just have that one idea that NEEDS to come out. Well, let me tell you about this awesome new place for writers (and readers!).

It’s called Write On By Kindle. It’s a site where you can post your manuscript and get honest feedback from readers and other writers. I used one of these sites when I first started and the lessons I learned were invaluable. It helped me polish my book and get ready to become a published author. If you want to be a writer, I can’t recommend this enough.

Starting TODAY, and for the rest of the week, I’m the Writer in Residence at Write On by Kindle. How cool is that? I’ll be giving writing prompts, reading some of the manuscripts on offer, and offering feedback on a few. I’ll even read over all the short stories created from my prompts and pick out my favorites.

To join Write On by Kindle, go HERE and enter this code: SHEAMACL

Welcome to the party!


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