FAQ: Of Audible and German Translations

I get a lot (and I do mean a LOT) of questions from fans about versions of books other than those currently available. The most common question I get (other than “When is the next book out?”) is when Kissed by Moonlight or Kissed by Ice will be available as audio books. The second most common question is when the rest of the Sunwalker Saga will be translated into German.

Let me answer question number two first. It’s the easiest.

german-class-langu_2497150bAt this time, Montlake Romance has no plans to translate the rest of the series. This makes me sad as I know I have a lot a fantastic German fans and right now their only option is to read the rest of the series in English. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do about this. However, I have been assured that once the German translation of Kissed by Darkness has been out for one year, the team will have another look at sales, etc. and consider whether or not to translate more books.  So, fingers crossed!

Now to the first question: When will the second half of the Sunwalker Saga be available as audio books?vintage_mic

Simple answer: I have no idea.

More complicated answer: I’m working on it.

Since I have to pay out of my own pocket (and audio books are very expensive to produce), it will, at the minimum, be several months if not a year or more. And that’s just for Kissed by Moonlight. If it happens at all.  I know some of my lovely readers really prefer audio books, which is why I’m trying to make this happen for you. So, please, please, please be patient. I’m doing my best.

I want to say a big huge THANK YOU to all my readers. You all are absolutely the best! I couldn’t do this without you!

I hope I’ve been able to answer your questions for now. I promise I’ll keep you posted regarding any developments.


One thought on “FAQ: Of Audible and German Translations

  1. Paying for audio out of your own pocket??…Wow, no wonder there are challenges. What can we, your fans do to help these various issues get resolved??….Maybe pre-ordering your book in audio before publication?..Doing an email campaign to your publisher?…I read (and listen) to several authors whose series of books somehow stop the audio versions as yours have done. If you all are paying “out of pocket” for this platform, then it makes sense. I’ll bet that I’m not the only fan of the audio platform who would like to impact this process on our behalf..Is there a path to accommodating this challenge???

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