What’s Up, Buttercup? Goings on in my world…

It’s been awhile since I blogged, so I thought I’d let you in on various happenings in my world.

1. Probably most importantly to you Morgan fans, I’m working right now on the second round of rewrites for Kissed by Ice – the fifth book in the Sunwalker Saga. It’s going to be a fun one and you’re going to learn some interesting tidbits about some of your favorite characters, so hold onto your hats! As of now, the release date is July 21st. (Want to get an email when it goes live on Amazon and other venues? Sign up for my mailing list HERE.) And because you’re awesome, here’s the cover: Kissed by Ice_200x300 2. I recently realized that my 3rd anniversary as a published author is coming up this month! I hit “publish” on the original version of Kissed by Darkness back on June 28th of 2011. Wow! What a difference 3 years make.

3. If you got my newsletter last month, you might have noticed this gorgeous little cover: Omicron ZX_200x300Isn’t that delish? This is the prequel novelette to my upcoming Omicron ZX series. Think Firefly meets CSI with some romance thrown in for good measure.  Murder and mayhem in outer space? Yes, please! I originally wrote this as a short story for The Eclective’s Holiday Collection about 2 years ago. You can still get that short story free in that collection, but this version has been completely rewritten, reedited, and nearly doubled in length. And it will be ready for your reading pleasure on the 22nd of this month.

Omicron Zed-X introduces a whole new world totally different from anything I’ve written before. But it still has all the crazy, fun, snarky bits that you all love. Let’s just say I’m pretty excited about this series! 🙂 The first full length novel – A Rage of Angels – will be available this fall, so stay tuned!

4. And finally, those of you who follow me on Facebook probably know by now that I’m totally obsessed with the Regency era. I love reading Regency romances/mysteries (For a super funny Regency read, check out D.L. Carter’s Ridiculous). In fact, I’m a member of the Oregon Regency Society and recently went to a fabulous ball and enjoyed some sailing adventures with my friends from the ORS (Check out their site for a similar group in your area). Me with shawl by Kat As you all know, I enjoyed writing of Branwen’s adventures in Regency England in A Stitch In Time, but my own recent adventures have really taken over my imagination. There will definitely be a few more visits to the Regency in my writings… And that’s all the news that is news. Enjoy your week and happy reading!


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