K Pinson Talks Romance and Oreos

Kate Lynne UsedI love meeting other writers and I recently met the awesome, talented romance author K Pinson (who also writes erotica under the nom de plume Kate Lynn). We had a chance to sit down and have a chat. Being the nosy git I am (and because I love ya’ll!), I asked her a few questions. 

1. What is your book about?

In Spades is about a woman that was physically and mentally abused by her father at a young age. She finally gets out of the situation but returns when she hears that her mother gave birth to a new baby. She attempts to steal her, only to be almost beaten to death by her father. He takes his own life and the mother’s. The baby and her survive. She gets custody and raises her like her own. She decides it’s time to have a little fun…has a one night stand with a handsome lead singer of a rock band” In Spades” and the rest is a rollercoaster ride to the finish.

I also write an erotica series under pen name Kate Lynne… They have crazy twists and turns as well. I can’t really describe them, you’d have to read. The main character is the toughest female I’ve written thus far, though. She uses anyone and everything to satisfy her cravings.K Pinson Spades

2. Why romance?

I find beauty in the breaking. I honestly think that love is one of the strongest forces only next to hate. It can make people do crazy things. I like to get inside minds and find out how to give my characters the happiness they deserve. I want to be able to show those doubters that it is possible to turn something positive and to never give up.

Ryan Guzman


3. If you could pick any actor to play your hero, who would it be?

Ryan Guzman

(I would like to inject here and say “YES, PLEASE!!!” LOL)



Bonus Question: What’s your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure…..is Oreos…esp dipped in….chocolate milk.

K PinsonBio:

I am 23 years young. I love to read, write and sing. I am an manager for an assisted living program. I have high hopes to get my degree in Music Therapy as I enjoy helping people. I have a crazy cockapoo dog that I consider my bratty child. I’m from MI born and raised, never really traveled anywhere else but would love to someday.

Twitter: @KatelynnPinson

Email: authorkpinson@live.com


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