Writer Wednesday (On Thursday): The Four Questions

Welcome to the Writing Process Blog Tour. I was tagged by my fabulous fellow fantasy authors (say that three times fast), Michelle Muto and Beth Alvarez. What’s the tour all about? Authors talk about their writing process, as well as briefly touch on what they’re currently working on. Then, they pass the torch to three other authors.

And while we're at it, how about a cover reveal. TADA!
And while we’re at it, how about a cover reveal. TADA!

1. What am I working on now?

I’m in the final editing/rewriting stages of Haunted. It’s the second book in my Soulshifter series, which is a spin-off of my best-selling Sunwalker Saga. That’s due out at the very end of this year (barring alien invasion or zombie apocalypse). Then I’ll be turning my attention to the next book.

2. How does my work differ from others in the genre?

Wow. That’s a hard one. My main characters are all strong women, but lots of authors have strong female protagonists. I mix genres, often blending scifi and paranormal along with romance and mystery. But that’s nothing new, either. I guess it boils down to “voice.” My voice and style are unique and my stories tend to be fast paced. I also love to mash together legends and myths you might not normally find mashed together. Like the Lost City of Atlantis and the Knights Templar.

3. Why do I write the things I do?

I write what I love to read. It’s as simple and as complicated as that.

4. How does my writing process work?

Often I get ideas months or even years before they ever turn into anything remotely resembling a novel. All these ideas get written down (usually multiple times in varying ways). At some point one idea will coalesce into a real story and that is when the magic happens.

I almost always know how the book is going to start, and how it’s going to finish. It’s the middle bit that’s murky. Fortunately, I’ve got an awesome brainstorming partner: my cousin, Bonnie. She and I meet up for coffee, lunch, or whatever and just talk for hours, hashing out a rough outline. Of course, as I write, things sort of end up happening on their own and the end result looks nothing at all like that first outline.

While I’m working on a book, my entire house is in utter chaos. Little papers with random scribbles line the walls of my office. Piles of notes and notebooks crammed with reminders to add this or delete that are stacked on my desk. Inspirational pictures are tacked to photo boards. Blank notebooks litter every room in the house just in case I get a sudden inspiration while taking a shower or washing the dishes (Although I admit that dishes kind of get ignored while in the throws of creativity).

After the first draft is done (Written in an awesome program called WhyWrite to keep me marginally organized.), I usually go through it (with the help of various critique partners, editors, and proofreaders) about four or five times, polishing it until it’s ready. And then out into the world it goes while I turn my attention to the next book.

When I’m working on a project, I tend to get totally lost in that world. And since I tend to write in some very different worlds, I can only focus on one project at a time from start to finish. This tends to slow things down, but it’s how I roll.

201947_194098557300954_1918568_oEmma Jameson is the author of the FANTASTIC Lord and Lady Hetheridge Mysteries. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before how much I LOVE these books. I mean, who doesn’t love a cracking good murder mystery? Especially when set in LONDON!  Get your Anglophile on with Ice Blue.

norahNorah Wilson is a fellow Montlaker and the author of a seriously sexy vampire series (check out The Merzetti Effect) as well as some very sensual romantic suspense novels. Under the name NL Wilson, she writes the hilariously funny Dix Dodd Mysteries (with her partner in crime, Heather Doherty).

tumblr_lu5wlvk73l1r0fw3ho1_400Red Tash is a Teller of Tales and all things dark fantasy. She’s the author of the kick-ass Troll Or Derby and the acclaimed This Brilliant Darkness. My particular favorite is The Wizard Takes A Holiday (Which is FREE on Amazon, by the way). It’s short, but it’s dang funny.

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