What To Read Next: Star Kissed by Lizzy Ford

Fearless_200x300I’m about halfway through writing the next installment of Zip and Mick’s story. Woot!

Haunted should be coming your way this December! That is, if I can keep the writing momentum going and all my ducks in a row.

For those of you who don’t know, Fearless is the first book in SOULSHIFTER, a new spin-off series of the bestselling Sunwalker Saga. It follows the djinni Zip as she learns to live as a human. It’s a lot of fun!


So, while you’re waiting for more Sunwalkery goodness, what should you read next?

Well, a few weeks ago I picked up a fabulous new(ish) book from Lizzy Ford called Star Kissed. Lizzy jokingly refers to it as her “Space Barbie” book. In any case, it was so much fun! I mean, come on! Who could resist time travel, space ships, aliens, epic battles, Space Twinkies, sexy time, and true love?

Not THIS girl!

18169983Find love 10,000 years in the future!

When Mandy loses her job, she thinks she’s hit rock bottom – until her plane is swallowed by a strange storm that sends her and everyone else on board 10,000 years into the future. At first, she thinks the scary world is nothing more than a bad dream. The war-torn Earth is unrecognizable. Black fog blocks the sun, and the oceans are dry. Even worse: the planet is inhabited by half-human, half-alien creatures dying from a mysterious disease. Horrified at the thought of spending her life here, she clings to the knowledge that there’s one man who can open the star gate to send her home. 

As the Naki prince who controls the star gate, Akkadi gets first choice of any human female that makes her way through the star gate. Only by breeding with purebred humans from the past can his race hope to remain immune to the disease and hopefully, develop an eventual cure. With shrinking resources and a raging battle for the human planet, dutiful, commanding Akkadi is less than thrilled at the idea of trying to figure out Mandy, a woman he views as wild with neither discipline nor respect for someone in his position. 

He’s ready to write her off, when she offers him something too tempting to resist: her body for the chance to convince him by any means possible to send her home. Neither intends for the arrangement to be permanent or to fall for the other. Only when Mandy learns Akkadi’s secret and walks away does he realize he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her – even if it means losing his war.

Buy Star Kissed for just 99 cents on Amazon.


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