My Suitcase Isn’t Big Enough (aka Packing for HallowRead

HallowReadI’m super excited! Next week is HallowRead in Ellicott City, Maryland. It’s the first year ever of this mini-con for authors and readers of urban fantasy, steampunk, horror, dark fantasy, and all things that go bump in the night. It’s going to be amazeballs.

In addition to the special release party Thursday evening at the Wine Bin, I’m on three panels on Saturday. I admit I’m a little nervous, but I think it’ll be fun. The panels (with my comments in italics):

1. Brothers in Arms: Sexy Men In Uniform (And Sometimes Armor). You all KNOW how I love a man in uniform!

2. Out Of This World: Gods, Monsters, and Extraterrestrials. Ancient Aliens anyone?

Prize Packs3. Name That Vampire. This is going to be a fantastic game where authors read out samples from both their own vampire novels and famous vampire novels. There WILL be prizes!

And what are the prizes? Well, each author is supplying 3 to 4 prizes for the panel, so they will vary, but they will be awesome. I put together four prize packs. Don’t they look snazzy?

I couldn’t resist those bags. I mean, who could? They’re so cute and witchy. In the prize packs

INSIDE the bags it’s even better. Lots of goodies to drool over including a paperback copy of FEARLESS, a set of magnets, AND some brand new glitter notebooks with my book covers on them.

I think I might have a slight SWAG problem. But can anyone ever have too much SWAG, really? I think not.

(Speaking of SWAG, I’m hoping to pick up some from the other cool authors for our next Facebook release party. I LOVE giving away SWAG!)

There is a LOT of other cool stuff going on that weekend from ghost tours to book signings to a steampunk tea. I hope to see some of you at HallowRead!

For a schedule of events and to buy tickets to HallowRead go HERE.



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