The World Is Ending!

Most of you have probably already heard about Kobo yanking ALL self published works off their shelves. Yep, it’s true. They have. In a knee jerk reaction to a complaint about erotica they have deleted everything from cozy mysteries and sweet romances to sex with a triceratops. Talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water! Amazon and Barnes & Noble have always had a much tighter rein on titles published there, but they’re being even more careful now, deleting anything that smacks of crossing the line.

Fortunately, I don’t write erotica. I write romance. Yeah, there’s a sex scene or two, but they’re pretty tame. Most of my title are exclusively on Amazon (I don’t think I have any titles at all on Kobo. They’re not terribly indie friendly.). Some of my books are traditionally published. Some are indie (self) published. I don’t see this brouhaha effecting my books. Thank goodness. But I know friends who have been effected and who knows how this will play out down the line.

Unfortunately, this also effects readers. When they yank a book, they yank it from your ereader, too. (Remember, you only pay for the license to read the book, not the book itself.) So, what can you do?

Back it up.

Here is a great article on how to back up your Kindle books (I’m sure backing up other ereaders is a similar process). Super easy. I’ve done it myself.

So, no need to panic. Just back up your books and make sure you’re following your favorite authors on Facebook or on their websites so you can find their books quickly and easily.


6 thoughts on “The World Is Ending!

  1. My son used to mock me. I have a Kindle and PC.. In the beginning I bought a lot of books on Amazon but soon realized that if Amazon went or changed stuff, the books were gone…all 1843 of them. So I started to buy at web sites that had adobe as an option and downloaded to both. This way no matter what, I have the books. But a lot of authors only sell on Amazon, so those books could be lost one day, even thought I (flash drive) save the list. If I make a mistake, they are gone.

    One of the things I like about adobe, is that I can change the wording under the ikon. I list the author,the # in the series, book name, series name and my rating —- A B C etc.

    When you have as many books as me, the adobe books are easier to manage. I have just taken 480 books so so books, off abobe and saved them on a flash drive in case I want to read any again.

  2. Hi Shea,

    Thank you for your e-mail. My husband is going to save my books for me I am useless with technology onto my computer I think. I really don’t want to loose my books I just love the stories and want to re-read quite a few so it would be horrible not to!

    Also I hand about over 200 books on my iPad/kindle and would have spent all that money on the books and have them taken away is just not on!!!

    Thank you for the info, take care honey

    Pauline x

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Thanks for taking a practical approach to what a lot of people have treated like the end of the world. I would add to back up e-readers separately from the “kindle desktop” and “nook desktop,” as books can still disappear when you update your library. Use your operating system’s file libraries, instead.

    1. Yes, exactly, Deby. It should be backed up in a totally separate file.

      My opinion the only way to look at this is practically. So far, Amazon and Barnes & Noble are NOT yanking books willy nilly and I don’t really foresee they will. They’re only taking down ones that violate their Terms and Conditions which is what they’ve always done. This is ONLY Nook/WH Smith and their subsidiaries who are systematically yanking ALL indies regardless of what they write.

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