Fantastical Friday: The Quicker Picker Upper

Today’s video made me giggle like a lunatic. Mostly because of my own obsessive collecting of paper towels and toilet paper. I figure in a zombie apocalypse, this stuff gonna be worth it’s weight in, um, ammo.

Note to self: start clipping coupons for Bounty, STAT!

I really don’t understand why Doomsday Preppers doesn’t have more of a focus on paper products. This is important, people!

Recently I saw this posted on Facebook:

Movie release dates 2013I had NO idea they were making another Die Hard movie. Does the world really need another Die Hard movie? Hells, yes! 🙂 I’m also INSANELY excited about the new Riddick movie and THOR!!!!

Thor -
Thor –

(Prepare for gratuitous “hot guy” pics.)

I mean, hello, hot blond guy with super powers and a big…hammer. What’s not to like? And then there’s my thing for Vikings… But, uh, we won’t go there. But believe me when I say it’s top on my list. 😉

And if that weren’t enough to get me all excited, I have two words: Star Trek.


Because I have two more words for you:



I love, love, LOVE Sherlock and I can’t wait to see this brilliant (and not so bad looking) actor sink his chops into one of my all-time favorite movie franchises.

Rumor has it he’s playing Khan (LOVE!). Not sure if that’s true, but whatever villain he ends up taking on I bet he’s going to kill it! YESSSSS!!! Can’t wait.

What movies are you looking forward to in 2013?

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