What A Deal!

Update: Please note that this deal was from 6 Jan 2013.

I just found out that all three of my Sunwalker Saga novels are only 99 cents each this weekend on the Kindle Daily Deal. SQUEE!

Here’s the Linky Dink!


4 thoughts on “What A Deal!

  1. Hi Shea!
    First I’d like to say how very much I’m enjoying the sun walker series so far…they’re AmaZiing!
    Since I am enjoying them so much I’d like to purchase all three books at once.which brings me to my second point..your Amazon page mentions all three books on sale for .99 cents yet, I’m when I click the link you provide,the price is still the same as before. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind paying the small cost to purchase your books, compared to what other publishers/authors are charging your books are a Steal, hands down. However, if I can get them at a cheaper price, I’d like to do so. Is it possible the .99 cent deal goes into affect tomorrow, and not today?
    Please advise!

    Your truly,

    1. Hi Soncee. So sorry about the confusion, but this was last weekend. Amazon put them on sale for one day only… January 6th. I’m not aware of any upcoming sales, but if I find out about them I will definitely post them here!

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