Welcome to Faerie, Mr Darcy.

Ladies and Gents, my apologies for the late post, but things have been a bit nuts this morning. I have for you another fabulous Montlake author sharing her thoughts on romance and the paranormal. Please welcome Delle Jacobs!

Thanks for having me here, Shéa! It’s great to see you on the Montlake author list!

Delle Jacobs

I wasn’t always a lover of romance. For a long time, I just assumed romances were poorly written, cheesy love stories, but I was really tired of dark, ugly, gritty stories that seemed to be so popular for a long time. So I’m grateful for Laura Kinsale for the first romance I ever read, Flowers From the Storm. I found what I was missing in the rest of commercial fiction. I like believing in people, and in finding happiness in love. And no matter what critics say about 50% of marriages failing, there are still the other 50% that don’t. Romance is about finding a true committed relationship. And that’s something I believe in.

S – Amen, to that, Delle!

What is your favorite romantic movie?

Colin Firth - Pride & Prejudice
Colin Firth – Pride & Prejudice

I could go all the way back to Romeo and Juliet , which after all these years brings tears to my eyes. But I think the best of all has to be BBC’s Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. I’m a big Jane Austen fan, yes, but I really love the entire movie despite its length. The story is one that resonates very deeply, and the production is so beautifully done. The other versions fall short, I think, because the story can’t really be told in such a short version. But the scene that clings most in my mind wasn’t in the book: Darcy diving into the pond, then meeting Elizabeth looking like a drowned rat. So the great Mr. Darcy was vulnerable after all.

Who is your favorite couple in history (real or imagined)?

I’d hesitate to pick any well-known couple, present or past who is in the public eye. We never really know what is real and what is spin, so we can’t ever be sure about them. I’ve  always loved watching Barack and Michelle Obama, and I think Mitt Romney only comes alive when his wife is present. But the one couple who has influences me most is someone you wouldn’t know: Jan and Ken Shaffer. They were childhood sweethearts who married early, and they went through a lot of rough times, at one point divorcing and re-marrying a few years later. In many ways, they were pretty ordinary folks. Their love was always the driving force of their lives. But Jan came from a cancer-ridden family, sand she went through five bouts before finally succumbing to an inoperable brain tumor. Many men might not have stuck with someone who went through so much. But Kenny wouldn’t have done otherwise. I modeled my heroine in Loki’s Daughters after Jan-the woman who would never give up. And a great deal of the hero was found in Ken.

What’s your favorite romantic getaway?

Hawai’i. Tahiti. My dream is to go to Tahiti, but we’ve been to Hawai’i many times. We really love to travel, and we’re perfectly willing to go cheap if we can just get there. We love the excitement of a historical place, like just about anywhere in Europe, or a place with a culture that fascinates us, like Mexico. But for something romantic, we want a gentler, quieter atmosphere, great food, warm and soft ocean breezes and a few fun things to do. Hawai’i is getting so crowded, though, it’s hard to find a place we can just be us. And that’s what we want, just being us, with each other. So I think maybe Tahiti is in our future.

S – I gotta agree with Delle on this one. Hawai’i is pure magic! I love the off-season when there are few tourists. It’s one of my favorite spots on earth!

Thanks, Delle, for joining me and my readers today!

Delle is giving away  a copy  (print, ebook, or audio book) of her latest release, Faerie.

Like her mother before her, Leonie of Bosewood carries Faerie blood in her veins, a secret she harbors to protect her own life. For although the people of eleventh-century England believe in magic, their ignorance and fear have made being different a very dangerous prospect. Caught between the human and Faerie worlds, yet belonging in neither, Leonie must guard her heart…no matter how strong the temptations.
As the king’s emissary, Philippe le Peregrine has watched Leonie mature from gangly girl to alluring woman. With each encounter, his attraction grows, but he knows a match between them can never be. For Philippe hides his own secret, one that has condemned him to a life of lonely celibacy for fear of harming the woman he loves. But when powerful forces prompt them to unite against a sorcerer intent on conquering the world, Leonie and Philippe realize that only together are they strong enough to combat the evil threatening to engulf them.

For your chance to win, simply answer this question in the comments section below:

Who is your favorite Jane Austen hero (or heroine), and who do you think played him (or her) best?

PS. Mine is Captain Wentworth (Persuasion) played by the delicious Rupert Penry-Jones.

Captain Wentworth & Anne

16 thoughts on “Welcome to Faerie, Mr Darcy.

  1. I am so with Delle, although I will admit that the only Jane Austin film I have seen is Pride and Prejudice. I do have to state I have watched several versions, but the only one that leaves me wanting to watch it again is the BBC version with Colin Firth. Mr. Darcy is that man you want to love and hate. I know I might seem like a copycat, but what can I say it was darn good LOL Thank you for taking the time to share with us today. I will have to hop over and check netflix for Persuasion and check it out 🙂 I hopped over and checked out Delle’s work on Amazon and there are some great sounding books here, Loki’s Daughters and Fire Dance also have my fingers itching. Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of Faerie and introducing me to a new (to me) author and her work. Thank you Delle for your generosity in sharing with us and for the chance to win a treat.

  2. Thank you, Denise! I didn’t care as much for Persuasion, which to me seemed to have almost missed the story’s point, and it dithered a lot. Sense and Sensibility is my other favorite. Loki’s Daughters and Fire Dance are also Montlake books, but they both have a long history as ebooks and award winners, then Amazon best sellers as indie-published books. I was shocked when Montlake wanted two books that had already had such wide distribution, but they were right-and they’ve done very well. So I hope you’ll try some of them out.

  3. Nice stuff, thank you both, and I have to totally agree on BBC productions. They’re usually great, and somehow they avoid losing that certain “literary” spark going from page to screen. Something you can’t say about a lot of productions.

    1. You’re welcome, Ed. I’ll agree on the BBC productions. I got hooked on the Copper series this year. Everything about the sets, from the wallpaper in the mansions to the clapboard and split rail fences in the countryside contributed in a very authentic way. Dark and gritty show, but so very authentic.
      I checked out your books, btw. I’m always a sucker for a free book, so Sable City is now on my Kindle Fire.

  4. I love BBC Colin Firth version of P & P. (Love him as Darcy in Bridget Jones’s Diary, too!) There’s another added scene where Darcy is in the bath. It led one TV reviewer to state something like, “Apparently the only better than Colin Firth is Colin Firth soaking wet.” LOL.

    Beautiful book cover, by the way! Hope I win.

    1. Thank you, Emma! I do agree the man looks good wet. Funny thing how many times I get bath or water scenes into my books. Wonder if maybe I was thinking CF… I actually was allowed to design my own covers for Montlake, since I’m a cover artists and had already contributed other covers they used (see Debra Holland’s Montana Sky series). Although I know that won’t be standard procedure for Montlake, they have treated me as a contributing artist, and that’s one of the things I love about working with them.

  5. Favorite Jane Austen hero had to be Alan Rickman who played Col Brandon in Sense and Sensibility because of his unwavering loyalty to Marianne Dashwood played by Kate Winslet. Delle, I can’t say enough about Costa Rica. You really must visit. We stayed right next to Manuel Antonio National Park, voted one of the travel channel’s top beaches. Amazing! Your book looks awesome. I love romance and magic. 🙂

    1. I’ll take Alan Rickman in anything, Tara! I have another friend who has been to Costa Rica, and it’s definitely on my list. He was interested in the wildlife, especially birds. He brought back amazing photos.

  6. I lovelovelove Michelle and Barack. When he was elected, there was a pic of them alone in an elevator with their foreheads pressed together and his coat was draped around her shoulders… pure love and affection.

    The cover of your book is absolutely stunning!

  7. I lovelovelove Barack and Michelle. When he was first inaugurated, there was a pic floating around of them alone in an elevator with their foreheads pressed together and Barack’s suit coat thrown around her shoulders. I fell in love with them when I saw that image. True love and affection; you don’t often find it.

    The cover for your book is stunning!

  8. My favorite…Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility. The Colonel, not terribly handsome or exciting but steadfast and loyal and also understanding of a young woman’s need to spread her wings a little before settling down. Oh yes, Colonel Brandon.

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