Return Of The Cupcake Goddess (And Other Cool Stuff)

Don’t you just love this new cover? I adore it! My friend, Tamra Westberry, designed it for the cover of my new novelette, Be Careful What You Wish For.

But wait! Didn’t I publish that already? In the Eclective’s Pride Collection?

Why, yes, I did. But that was a short story of 2500 words. I always wanted there to be more to the story of Branwen, Welsh goddess of Love and Beauty. Not to mention Ryan/Rayanne definitely had a bigger tale to tell. So, I did a bit of rewriting and turned that short story into a 7500 word novelette. And I love it! Right now it’s getting some final editing and polishing and then it’s off to the formatter. With any luck it should be up on Amazon, B & N, and other fine venues by the end of the month.


I’m also working on the first book in my new Omicron ZX series, A Rage of Angels, and soon I’ll be starting edits on Montlake’s version of Kissed by Smoke. I am a busy, busy girl! Hopefully I’ll have time to squeeze in a Dragon Wars novel by the end of the year, but we’ll see.

Now for some fun stuff!

Best selling author Ann Aguirre has a post-apocalyptic series out that kicks the Hunger Games in the bootay! The first book of the series, Enclave, is available in ebook format on Amazon for just $2.99!

Seriously, people, I luuuuurved this book. It’s well worth the money, believe me. And the sale is for this month only, so it’s a good time to download it. And read it. ‘Cause it’s awesome.

As if that weren’t enough supercoolgrooviness for one day, Grimm is back!

That’s right, folks, one of my all time fave shows filmed right here in my hometown is back on telly! I was thinking of giving my weekly thoughts on each episode. Not sure if there’s any interest in that, but I thought it might be fun to hear things from the perspective of a local. Yay? Nay?

Okay, now back to work! Dragons to fight, demons to slay, and space ships to fly. A woman’s work is never done… 😉

Happy Hump Day!

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