Sunwalker Saga Rides Again Plus York S’Mores

I’m super excited to announce that the new Montlake Romance versions of Kissed by Darkness and Kissed by Fire will released on October 2nd of this year. Kissed by Smoke will be out sometime in December.

Can I get a SQUEE?

You can pre-order KbD here and KbF here.

The supercoolgroovy news? Both with be available in paperback for just $7.77 and ebook for $2.99!!! They’re also going to be available as audio books, which is ridiculously awesome.

As you can probably see, the covers are essentially the same with slight tweaks for extra doses of fabulous. That’s because Montlake loved my covers so much, they used them for the new versions. Does that mean they’re different books inside?

Well, yes and no.

Everything you know and love about the Sunwalker Saga remains the same. Morgan still kicks ass. Kabita is still cool and mysterious. Jack is still smokin’ hawt and Inigo…well, he’s as geek chic as ever. The plot is basically the same (only tighter and with lots more action). The baddies are the same (only nastier). It’s just…more. There’s more background, world building, and it’s just all around a faster, cleaner, smoother read. I’m SUPER proud of how the the first two books turned out and I can’t wait to get starting on editing book three.

In the meantime, I think it’s time for a celebratory tasty treat. And what better treat to celebrate than the classic American summertime superstar: s’mores!

But not just any s’more. I would never do anything so mundane. Oh no, this s’more has the usual chocolately, marshmallowy, chewy gooey goodness, but it has something else a little special. A nice hit of mint.

Yeah, I said it. MINT!

For those of you turning up your noses…don’t know it until you’ve tried it!

Instead of using regular Hershey bars on your s’mores, sandwich a York Peppermint Pattie between your graham crackers and toasted marshmallows and you’ve got yourself one of this writer’s favorite indulgences!

Quick! Go make one now. I’ll wait…

See, told you.

And with the sounds of happy campers ringing in my ears, I shall leave you all to go back to watching Zombies: A Living History on the History Channel. ‘Cause, baby, that’s the way I roll!

7 thoughts on “Sunwalker Saga Rides Again Plus York S’Mores

    1. Shea, even! [damn dyslexic fool] Shea, Shea, Shea, Shea, Shea, Shea, Shea, Shea, Shea, Shea, Shea, Shea, Shea, Shea, Shea. There.

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