Hard Men and Hot Swords … Er …

My fabulous friend and fellow writer RG Porter is giving away one of her books for FREE! Today only Innok’s Curse is FREE! I do love free.

Oh, and there are sexy man-abs on the cover. Who doesn’t like some sexy man-abs? And a SWORD!

A man cursed by a demon.
A woman who’s memories are more than just her own.
An enemy sworn to destroy all their dreams
A destiny that none of them expected.

Cursed to live by day as a dragon and by night as a man, Gabriel believes
he will forever be alone after the murder of his beloved Danielle. That
is, until the night he meets Alayia and everything changes.

Together, they must figure out the truth of the curse that Innok has
placed on Gabriel as well as those from his visions. Their quest will
bring them deep into the heart of the evil, but with her abilities and the
spirit of the dragon within, they might just unlock the truth of the past
and break the curse. If they can keep the demon from winning too fast.

And if that wasn’t enough, Keepers of Water is ALSO absolutely FREE!

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