Coming to America

After a nearly six year sojourn in a foreign land, I’m finally settled back in my hometown. It feels wonderful to finally have my own space again. Not to mention a separate work space. It makes me feel all inspired and stuff!

Of course along the way I had to stop off to visit some of my writing buddies as well as to explore some future sites for Morgan Bailey to kick some vampire ass. For instance this fabulous cemetery in Louisville, Kentucky.

Or the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.

And now, back to work! I’ve got vampires to dust, demons to behead, dragons to hunt, and spaceships to fly…


9 thoughts on “Coming to America

  1. Near the neighborhood I grew up in outside Tampa, FL there was a really old and really tiny cemetery smack in the middle of a residential community of homes. The road was split to go around it, turning it into this homey, sun dappled median… With grave markers. It was only a couple blocks from a high school and large community pool (with competition high dives and such). The tiny bit of land gad super soft, well-maintained, but not manicured grass. Tree roots poked up in various places, threatening to trip yours we cut across it on our wy to hang out by the school. Oak trees broke up the sun, spattering the median and gravesites with plenty of shade in the shape of leaf bunches. The headstones themselves were very simple, modest, and plain. Rain had pockmarked them and wore the braved names, dates, and heartfelt messages until only bits and pieces remained legible.

    I love grandiose cemeteries with beatiful and haunting statues such as in Savannah, Georgia or aged eerie tombs like in New Orleans… But that tiny, surprisingly located, rudimentary and softly atmospheric median-cemetery from my youth still retains one of the top spots of my favorites list.

    I wonder why I hadn’t included it as a setting myself yet. Lol. Perhaps ive been saving it up for just the right scene.

    Regardless, I love the locales you are teasing us with. I’m eager to see them in play. 😀

  2. That cemetery is beautiful! When Lib and I went to visit her folks a couple of years ago, her dad took us exploring the graveyards in northern Michigan — there’s a surprising number of VERY cool cemeteries in that neck of the woods! (Who knew?)

    Welcome back to the states — did you take on an English accent? =D

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