Morgan Visits Paris

Earlier this month I hopped on the Eurostar and spent a few days roaming the streets of Paris. All in the name of “research” naturally. The things I do for you …

The truth is that in the fourth book of the Sunwalker Saga (Yet to be written, so don’t get too excited.) Morgan will be heading to Paris (among other places). There will be more mystery, mayhem, and madness. There will be sidhe and Templars and goodness knows what else.

In fact I only know two things at this point. The title will be Kissed by Moonlight and the cover looks a little something like this:

But of course first I must finish the edits for Montlake on Kissed by Fire. But while I do that, why don’t you sit down with a croissant and an espresso and enjoy Morgan’s Paris.

Being a lover of fine food, Morgan will of course have to stop for ice cream at Berthillon.
Jardin du Luxembourg – A fine place for chasing vampires.
Thou shouldst beware of water nymphs!
Morgan does love a good haunted house …
The author takes a break. All that research is exhausting!

8 thoughts on “Morgan Visits Paris

  1. Ah, the things we do in the name of research…..

    Wonderful pictures, Shea. When I was high school I got to spend a week in France, and we spent a few days in Paris and then bussed along the northwest coast. Breathtaking scenery. The history and antiquity of the region is gripping. And the food isn’t too shabby either! ;D

    Darn it…now I need a baguette….

  2. Sweetie, I wished I could have been there. Love Ile-de-France, love Paris and LOVE Versailles. Take a trip out to my favorite Parisien suburb, will you? And say hello to Magali and Manon for me. Lovely color by the way and can’t wait to read the latest on Morgan, Inigo, et al. There is a reason why you caught the eye of an Amazon Publisher: your series is hot and your heroine is even hotter.

    Bon journee a toi!


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