Writer Wednesday: Return of the Grammar Nazi

I’m on my last round of edits for the Montlake version of Kissed by Darkness and I’m pretty sure my eyeballs are bleeding. It’s been a challenge for sure, but I’ve learned a heck of a lot and my book is going to be even better for it. Morgan Bailey is tougher, sexier, and even funnier. HUZZAH!

So, while I’m working my fingers to the bone, here’s an amusing little clip from one of my favorite shows, BBC’s Sherlock:

10 thoughts on “Writer Wednesday: Return of the Grammar Nazi

  1. Oh, Lord, when will a new Sherlock! be out? They’ve really been yanking my @#$% for too long.

    I can’t even image the pain of going back and editing *again*. You have my sympathies!!!

      1. Oh, girl. We’ve had one series, I think! And I recall that series two was supposed to be out in May this year, but with the new Hobbit and Star Trek movies, the Marketeers have jostled release dates around. And the first series was only three episodes or something silly like that. It’s a full-time job just reminding people that it was ever a show!

  2. And by the way, just so ya’ll know there will be a third series. In the UK they come out in January, so rumor has series 3 on Jan 2013 in the UK. I guess that means May 2013 in the US. HUZZAH!

  3. Hi Shea! I really dig this blog–I just discovered it on Google–and I’d love to know if you would mind if I use and reference one of your images. Here is a link to my blog, http://scifimagpie.blogspot.ca/ with credit to yours on the post (it’s the Sexy Aliens one) and the image used (it’s the green alien guy in the Nephilim: Angels or Aliens? post). Please let me know if it’s okay. If not, I’ll take it down right away.


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