Survival Saturday: In Case of Zombies

I think it’s important to know what your true odds of survival are should there be a zombie outbreak.  I mean, you want to know if you should fire up the old chainsaw or forget about it and head to the nearest liquor store, right?

Well, fear not, my noble readers!  I have the perfect solution.  Thanks to the ULTIMATE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE SURVIVAL QUIZ (created by someone named Elis), you can find out once and for all whether you’re going to be the next Alice, or zombie food.

Let me know how it turns out for you.

Apparently, yours truly won’t do so bad.  I guess knowing how to cook a three course meal over a campfire is worth something post-apocalypse. My results below!

I scored
on the

Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Survival Quiz!

“Well done! Your chances of surviving a zombie apocalypse are better than average! Don’t get too cocky, though. Remember, the undead never sleep…”

True that.

5 thoughts on “Survival Saturday: In Case of Zombies

  1. So, I scored a 75.9%…zombies beware *grins* Fun quiz – although if it was you in the car Shea I’d probably lose a few percentage points. Anyway, thanks for a fun post 😀

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