Survival Saturday: Learn A Useful Skill

Having mad World of Warcraft skills or winning Wheel of Fortune isn’t going to help you in the apocalypse. But when you’re bleeding to death from a gunshot wound or your best friend just severed a limb with a machete, First Aid might come in handy.

Word to the wise, if your best friend just got nommed by a zombie, shoot him in the head. No First Aid in the world can save him and he won’t thank you later. Which is sort of the point.

6 thoughts on “Survival Saturday: Learn A Useful Skill

  1. Reminded me of a 30 Rock bit between Jack and Liz (who is, of course, a writer) 😉

    JACK DONAGHY In a post-apocalyptic society, what possible use would they have for you?
    LIZ LEMON Travelling bard?
    JACK DONAGHY Radiation canary.

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