Survival Saturday: Don’t Be A Boob

Let’s face it, ladies, if you’ve got anything over B cups, running from zombies is going to be problematic.  Even WITH sports bras, some of us still have to hold the girls down lest we end up with black eyes.  Imagine having no bra at all!

Granted, if it’s a choice between black eyes and getting nommed on by zombies, I’ll go with black eyes any day.  Still, it’s hard to focus on booking it outta Dodge when the girls are flailing about.

So, stock up while you can.  You never know when your over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder will save your life!

8 thoughts on “Survival Saturday: Don’t Be A Boob

  1. I fortunately do not have big boobs! I wanted them all my life and now that I am almost 40, I am glad I gots what I gots.
    When the zombie apocalypse hits the fan… it is one less thing I need to worry about!

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