Mythos Monday: Curse of the Zombie

Welcome to Zombie Month, ladies and gents.  Never heard of this auspicious celebration of all things zombie?

That’s because I made it up.

This month is dedicated to that wonderfully horrific creature called the zombie.  I may not write about zombies (Yet.  One never knows), but I do love to read a good zombie book or watch a good zombie flick.  I’ll be interviewing authors of zombie fiction, sharing zombie news and facts, and chatting about my favorite zombie related movies and paraphernalia.

To start it off, I wanted to do a little research on our zombie friends, so I hit up the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency, otherwise knowns as the FVZA.  They had lots of interesting things to share about zombies.

For instance, they claim zombies aren’t reanimated corpses at all, but rather a person overtaken by a virus.  Their hearts don’t beat because circulation has been taken over by the skeleton.  They also claim zombies are not created by black magic, but from a virus and they live no more than a year (there goes immortality).  For the full list of interesting zombie facts from the FVZA, check out their Zombie Myths page.

Aren’t you glad someone out there is looking out for us?

Of course, Guns & Ammo has a totally different take on Zombie Facts.  It’s very well written and quite amusing, so I recommend reading it in its entirety.  Basically it boils down to this:  Zombies are dead.  Who cares why.  Aim for the head.

Would expect nothing less from Guns & Ammo.

So are they dead?  Alive?  Undead?  Virus infected?  Black magic infected?

Who cares!  They’re fun.  They’re scary.  And you’re probably sitting next to one right now.

Bring on the zombies.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to enter our giveaway over on The Eclective site.  A Celtic Cross t-shirt might not deter zombie attack, but you’ll look unbelievable cool wearing it while fighting off the brain munchers.

Happy zombie month!


7 thoughts on “Mythos Monday: Curse of the Zombie

  1. yay! zombiemonth ❤

    a wee zombie fact to get you started.. the dictionary does not have a listing to describe the 'modern zombie' that we know and love from romero's films (and obviously millions of others since!). they still only have a listing which describes the Haitian-stylee voodoo'd creature that is created through witchcraft!

  2. Always great to read about zombies… nothing quite like it! Great post, hope to see more from you on the subject, since this month is obviously dedicated to them.

    Armand Rosamilia

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