Mythos Monday: Creation Stories

There is perhaps no more fundamental myth than that of creation.  Where did we come from?  How did this all get started?

Most of us are familiar with the mainstream theories of Creation and Evolution.  And, if you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you’ve probably bumped into the Ancient Astronaut theory a time or two.  But there are many more creation myths out there.  Let’s visit a couple of them.

There are various versions, but in general the Samoan creation myth involves a bird named Tuli.  Tuli was actually the son of a god and he took on the form of a bird to have a bit of fun flying about.  Tuli flew down to the ocean but he couldn’t find anywhere to land.  So, he flew back to his dad and asked for some land.  The god threw down a stone into the ocean and there was land.  There followed various back and forth between father and son (Tuli didn’t want just land, he wanted growing things and people) which resulted in grass growing on the land and Tuli discovering a couple of grubs which he formed into humans.  So, basically, we’re descended from worms.

In the Aztec creation myth, the goddess Coatlique (the earth mother) was stabbed in the stomach with an obsidian knife which impregnated her (some knife!) so that she gave birth to the moon and stars.  Now a goddess was only supposed to get pregnant and give birth once, but Coatlique got preggers again which resulted in her first children trying to kill her.  Before they could succeed, she gave birth to a fire god who murdered his brothers and sisters and spread their body parts around the universe.  So, the world was born in chaos and violence.

Do you know any interesting creation myths?

8 thoughts on “Mythos Monday: Creation Stories

  1. I use to know the Greek one, having studied philosophy in college, but all I remember is there were titans and gods, some violence and odd births, then there was life. Creation myths are interesting to look back on in a way to comparing them to current theory today. We went from huge monstrous deity splitting in half to birth the cosmos, or some other type of story, to a giant explosion. Kind of interesting.

    1. And how odd that giant explosions aren’t that far from the violence and chaos! Thanks for sharing. I’m a little fuzzy on the Greek one myself. Other than the Titans and such. 🙂

  2. I too love creation stories. My mother is from Finland so I grew up hearing snippets from Kalevala. I’m not sure that I remember it correctly but I think it was the daughter of Air who was lying in the sea when a duck built a nest on her knee and laid eggs there. The eggs fell down and broke, the pieces formed the earth, the heaven, the stars etc.

  3. I just know the Greek one too – the primordial god uranus (father sky) and gaia (mother earth) giving birth to the titans, including Kronos who went on to castrate Uranus with a sickle at the instigation of his mother Gaia and take his throne, only to be deposed by his son (Zeus) again, with the help of Gaia and also with the help of Kronos’ wife and sister Rhea. All sky gods + earth goddess and cycle of next generation overthrowing the previous one. There’s a whole thing about Kronos throwing Uranus’ castrated testicles into the ocean leading the birth of various creatures from his blood.

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