Survival Saturday: Bleach Blond

In the apocalypse, bleach is your friend.  Think I’m wrong?

Bleach is quite possibly the best germ killer on the planet.  When the rest of the world is dying slow, agonizing deaths from some hideous disease, smearing their germs all over the place, you’re going to be glad for that gallon of bleach.

Best of all?  It’s environmentally friendly.

7 thoughts on “Survival Saturday: Bleach Blond

  1. It’s also the perfect way to purify water. I pour a gallon down into my well every spring.
    I always have at least three gallons on hand. Not because I’m worried. I’m just a sale shopper :).

    1. That’s another good point! You have to be careful with the proportions so as not to poison yourself. Though that COULD be an excellent way to get rid of unwanted zombified neighbors. 😉

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