Fantastical Friday: Betty White, Garth Vader, and Still More Zombies

We all want to live long and happy lives, right?  I mean, I sure do.  I’ve got a bajillion books to write so I gotta live to at LEAST 120!  And who better to give advice on a long and happy life than the fabulous Betty White!

Those are some real gems.  Hope you took notes.

A friend of mine sent me this photo which made me laugh hysterically.  We’re talking squee your pants funny.

This dude totally reminds me of the character Garth Vader from PJ Jones’s Driving Me Nuts!  He’s even got the hood thing going on.  All he needs is a light saber.

Author Danielle Blanchard was over at Lizzy Ford’s blog this week talking about whether or not women can enjoy zombie books just as much as the guys.  Check it out, it’s a great read.  And I agree, there is room for a kinder, gentler zombie tale.  AND women like to get their scare on just as much as the guys do.

I’m pretty psyched because her new novel, Beginnings, is finally out.  And, you guessed it, here there be zombies!

Danielle will be on my blog in a couple of week answering some deep and probing questions.  Like what her favorite flavor of ice cream is and what she’d do if she was abducted by aliens.

Another great new book out this coming week is S.G. Rogers’s magically delicious The Magical Misperception of Meridian.  She’ll be by next Wednesday to talk about her book, her favorite super power, and her deep and abiding feelings about … dragons.

Because, as you know, EVERYTHING is better with dragons. 😉

Tomorrow I’m off to Central London for a girls’ day out with the REAL Kabita Jones.  We’re going shopping, wreaking havoc, and eating Thai food. If you’re ever in London you must try Busaba Eathai.  The food is amazing and extremely reasonable.  Well, for London, anyway. 🙂  I’ll try to remember the camera so I can share the adventure with you.  You never know what I’ll get up to down in London town.

What are you up to this weekend?  Anything exciting on the menu?

And with that, my friends, I shall bid thee adieu.  Have a fabulously fantastical Friday and I’ll see you on the flip side!

10 thoughts on “Fantastical Friday: Betty White, Garth Vader, and Still More Zombies

  1. I want you to get a pic with that *other* redhead. Harry something…I think Kate Middleton is his SIL…?


    I love Betty White. When she guested on SNL I threw a Golden Girls party. 🙂

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